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Toggenburgs are a durable breed, having stood the test of time. Known as the oldest breed of dairy goats, the Toggs originated in the Toggenburg Valley of Switzerland. According to research, this is the oldest registered breed of any animal in the world, a herd book having been established in Switzerland in the 1600s. They were also the first imported purebreds to arrive in the U.S. in 1893.

Breed Characteristics:

Medium size, average weight 120 pounds; does standing 26” at the withers, bucks 28” at the withers.

Hair: Short, from sleek to shaggy coat. Bucks are known for a pronounced beard.

Color: Fawn to chocolate

Markings: White ears with dark spot in the middle, two white stripes down the face from above each eye to the muzzle, hind legs white from hocks to hooves, forelegs white from knees downward with a dark band below the knee; a white triangle on either side of the tail, a white spot may be present at root of wattles or in that area if no wattles are present. Varying degrees of cream makings instead of pure white acceptable, but not desirable.

Ears: Erect and stand forward on the head.

Facial structure: Long but not Roman. Often naturally polled.

Temperament: Slightly high strung, perhaps more than other breeds

Toggenburg milk typically has a fat content of 3.2-3.7%. ADGA statistics from 2006 show average production to be at 2253 pounds of milk, with 3.2% fat and 2.7% protein. Average lactation period 257 days.

Information obtained from (www.dairygoatjournal.com).