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First-Rate Dairy Goats & Miniature Donkeys

Home to quality livestock, Cassady Springs Farm in Lancaster, Kentucky, sells dairy goats and miniature donkeys.  Although our animals are considered livestock, they are much more to us...they are our pets.  When selling our animals, we hope to sell to those who will provide the best care possible.  We will also be a continued resource if you ever have questions after your purchase. 

Dairy Goats

The breeds that we carry are Saanen, Nubian, and Toggenburg.   Our herd has been tested negative for CAE, CL, Johne’s disease, and all major diseases by the University of Kentucky Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Every goat is given a yearly vaccine (CD & T).  Kids are vaccinated at one month with a booster at two months of age.  Fecal testing is done routinely and we keep our animals on preventative measures to avoid common parasites.  We can also give written documentation that the herd has been tested. The price range of our goats is $250-$500, with bloodline determining the price.

Miniature Donkeys

Sweet, gentle, and loving, our miniature donkeys make great pets. Known for being hardy animals, this particular species can live for many years with proper care and nutrition. We vaccinate them yearly for their common diseases and they too, are on parasitic control measures.  Blood could be tested by request.

Stud Service

Come to us if you want to bring your goats in for breeding as we offer stud service for Nubian and Saanen breeds.  While in our care, goats go through deworming and vaccination. Documentation must be provided that confirms a disease free doe. We also provide the stall, food, and charge $50 for the stud fee. There is a $2 a day boarding fee as well.

Contact us today in Lancaster, Kentucky, for top-quality dairy goats and miniature donkeys.